Naughty Shower Butt A Nice Time

Caught being naughty in the shower.

I’ve had a long, tiring day, and all I want to do is relax. I strip on my way to the bathroom, scattering bits of clothing as a trail. I turn on the water as hot as I can stand, and step inside the shower cubicle. I let the water pour down over me, drenching my entire body, and let out a deep sigh of contentment. I pour some shampoo into my palm, and then massage it into my scalp. I can feel the lather sliding down my back while the water pounds against my breasts and stomach. The fragrant flower scent of the shampoo fills the room as I step under the spray, washing away the foam. I clip my hair up and out of the way.

I can feel a pressure in my bladder, reminding me of all the coffee I drank before the long subway ride home. I squeeze my thighs together and can feel a few drops leaking out, sliding down my legs, and mixing with the warm water gathered around the drain. I step into the corner, the hot water beating against my naked ass and lower back, and slowly let it trickle out of me. I moan as the pressure decreases, and the feeling of my long-held liquid warming my legs.

Suddenly I feel a slight draft against my back, and your fingers are sliding between my legs, playing in my golden spray. Your fingers glide along the outside of my vulva while my piss streams out of me, coating your fingers and running down my legs. Your chest presses against my back as you lean forward, your other hand cupping my breast, your fingers rubbing against my nipple. You press your lips against my neck, and my entire body arches toward you. Your lips slide up to my ear and you whisper “You like that? You like pissing on me? You like the way I feel between your legs?” You slide your hard cock between my legs, and my golden spray washes over you, splashing against your thighs and the shower wall. You massage my clit with the tip of your hot prick and I whimper, so very close to cumming. I finish pissing, and your arms slide around my waist, squeezing me slightly.

You step away from me, trailing your fingernails up and down my buttocks. “You’ve been a naughty girl,” you remind me, caressing my ass. “You should know better than to piss in the shower.” Your fingers squeeze my cheeks, and I brace my arms against the shower wall. “I think you need to be punished. Hmm? What do you think?” Your hands are resting on my asscheeks, massaging only the slightest bit. I nod my head slowly, and push my ass back against your hands. “That’s what I thought,” I can hear the smug smile in your voice. As you remove your hands, my ass feels colder, despite the hot water that continues to stream down over me.

Suddenly your hand falls against my skin with a loud SLAP! My head falls back as I gasp, my neck arching. You slap me again and again, the pleasure-pain warming my ass and making my pussy wet. After countless smacks, you stop, resting your hands against my stinging flesh. Your fingers slide down and find my puckered hole, circling it.

I am standing with my head and shoulders pressed into the corner of the shower, my legs spread wide and my ass pushed out. The hot water continues to pound down on my back, and I can feel the natural wetness between my legs. You spread my cheeks apart with one hand, then slowly slide a finger inside my ass. “Do you like that?” you ask, and I can feel your breath whispering against my wet skin. I don’t answer, and you shove your finger in deeper, roughly, and ask again “Do you like that?!” I’m gasping “Yes, yes! I like that! You know I love feeling you inside me. Anywhere inside me.” You move your finger slowly in and out of me, pseudo-fucking my ass. Your other hand slides along my wet hip to my burning cunt, then glides between the lips to find my throbbing clit. “Hmmm…” I can hear you mutter, and you slowly pull your finger out of my ass.

“Spread your legs wider,” you tell me, and I comply. I can feel your hands cupping my ass cheeks, massaging them, spreading them apart. Then your cock is pressing against my hole, and I shiver. “Shhhh… It’s okay,” you reassure me as you gently press against me. “Relax.” I try to follow your instructions, and I soon feel your hard dick moving into me, filling me. I whimper as you slide forward, pressing deeper into my ass. When you are completely inside me, I can feel my still-stinging ass pressing against your stomach. You slide your hands forward, one up to my breast and other down to my sopping cunt. You hold yourself inside me for a moment, then slowly start to pull out.

Slowly and gently, you pump yourself in and out of my tight ass. One hand is cupping my breast, squeezing and pulling on the nipple, while the other plays between my wet folds, brushing against my clit and just barely inside me. “You feel so good…” you moan against my neck, and I push back against you. I hear you gasp, and your hand slides down from my breast to my hips. You plunge your fingers inside my dripping, waiting cunt while you pump your throbbing cock deep into my ass. I cry out in pleasure, and push back against you harder. You keep up this rhythm of double-penetration until I feel myself on the very brink of orgasm.

You pull your fingers away and grip my hips with both hands. I’ve become oblivious to the water pounding down on us as you thrust your hot, hard prick in and out of my ass. “You like that?” you ask me between gritted teeth. “You like the way I feel inside you? You like the way I feel in your ass?” You’re thrusting faster now, harder and deeper, and I have never felt so filled. “Yes! Yes!” I answer between moans and cries of pleasure. Suddenly you pull my hips into the cradle of yours, pushing even deeper into me. You bite my shoulder as I feel you spilling inside me, and I writhe against you, cumming at the same time.

You hold me close, and I can feel you getting soft inside me. You slowly pull out of me, withdrawing completely with a small pop! and I feel empty. You wrap your arms around me, hugging me, and nuzzle my neck. I lean against you and smile. “I’ll see you when you finish up in here,” you tell me quietly, pressing a kiss to my cheek. I nod and you pull away, stepping out of the shower. I grab the soap and hurriedly finish getting clean, looking forward to what awaits me in the bedroom once I’m done.



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Naughty Shower Butt A Nice Time

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