Stable Boy Scores Some Ass

Lady of the house seduces hot and sweaty stable boy.

It was a sunny morning in May. Alexandra had just been served her tea on the East Balcony of her sprawling ocean side mansion. Just like every day she ate her breakfast to the sounds of the waves breaking on the cliffs at the edge of her property. As she quietly picked at the delicate croissant and fresh fruit that was served to her she was interrupted by the head servant. It was part of his job to keep the lady of the house informed as to the goings on at the mansion. Everyday he came in to her section of the house to give her an update and everyday he was stunned by her beauty. He never got used to it- her long flowing wavy auburn hair, her perfect skin. Her features were classic, her body long and lean but womanly and curvy.

“Excuse me, Mrs. Alexandra?”

“Yes, Jameson?”

” I came to inform you that we have hired a new man to work in the stable. It seems your husband had some kind of a problem with Jeffrey, the old stable hand and fired him yesterday.”

Alexandra thought about this for a second- trying not to show any emotion and then said:

“Jameson, you know it is my policy to meet and inspect every single person who comes to work here. You are to bring this new stable boy to me at once.”

“I have already put him to work in the stable but I will get him for you immediately, Mrs. Alexandra.”

She stood up from her breakfast table and looked at herself in the mirror. She ran her fingers through her long hair and smoothed out her binding corseted dress. Just then Jameson came in to the room followed by the new employee.

The minute the new stable boy walked in to the room Alexandra could feel his immense presence. He was a large man with strong arms. He was wearing dirty brown pants and a loose white shirt that was open in the front revealing a perfectly sculpted torso. His hair was dark, curly and tousled- sexily falling in front of his eyes. He was sweating from his work with the horses.

“Alexandra, this is Morgan. He will be working in the stable.”


“Thank you, Jameson. But, you know that I must approve every person that comes to work for me. I am very particular about the people that work in this house. He should never have started work without my approval.”

“Yes, Mrs. Alexandra. Sorry, Ma’am.”

“Just don’t let it happen again.” She was a powerful women- in control at all times. “Now. Leave us, Jameson.”

The servant obediently left the room leaving Alexandra alone with Morgan. She motioned for him to come over to her. He followed her order and stood in front of her. It was the first time he was able to get a good look at his new boss. He was taken by her beauty and could smell the sweet air that surrounded her near perfect body.

She looked him up and down and circled him- inspecting him- her eyes lingering on his muscular back and what looked like a rock hard ass through his sweat soaked clothes. Her breathing quickened. Her smooth cheeks flushed.

” Did he say your name is Morgan?”

” Yes Ma’am.” He said quickly in his low breathy voice.

“I am Alexandra- the lady of the house.” She could hardly get the words out she was so flustered by the rush of sexual energy that Morgan had awoken in her.

Just as she looked up from the large bulge in his work pants to his deep green eyes she caught him staring at her full breasts that were pushed up by her tight corset.

“Well,” she said slyly, “let’s see if you are cut out to work in this house.”

The Enhanced Male

She led him out to the private balcony off the master bedroom suite. The balcony overlooked the ocean. It was a gorgeous view. The stable boy had never been in the presence of such beauty.

“Now,” Alexandra said with a straight, concentrated face, “Strip.”

“I’m sorry, Ma’am? What did you say?”

” I think you heard what I said. I want you to take off all your clothes and stand naked in front of me.”

Morgan was not one to disobey his employer so he did what he was told. He lifted his shirt up over his head. Alexandra just watched as he slowly revealed his glistening muscular chest. He took off his work boots and socks and then slowly started to take his pants off. At the first sight of his monstrous uncut cock she felt her pussy start to throb. He was now standing in front of her completely naked. She stared at him, taking it all in- his broad chest, his tight ass and of course, his amazing cock. She started to imagine all of the things that that cock could do to her. She was starting to lose her composure.

Morgan simply stood there and let her look at his naked body. He was sure she was routinely checking him for disease and physical problems so he was completely caught off guard when she suddenly kneeled in front of him and took his cock completely in her soft mouth. It was so unexpected and it felt so good that he almost collapsed. His cock became instantly rock hard and it was almost too much for Alexandra to handle. She was on her knees, her hands tightly squeezing his ass, bringing his body into her face. She sucked voraciously at his hard cock. He then started to fuck her sweet mouth with determination. Even though she was used to being in control she was all too ready to submit to his aggression. He was controlling her like he controlled the horses in the stable. She was being tamed by his huge hard cock.

He felt like he might explode into her mouth right then but he didn’t want to come before he could feel Alexandra’s sweet soft pussy wrapped around his dick. He reached down and pulled her roughly up to her feet by her shiny auburn hair. They stood there staring at each other for a second- her fully clothed and him completely naked with his cock rock hard in between them. He wanted her naked, too- right away. He looked at her dress and realized that it would take a long time to undo her tightly bound corset. He couldn’t wait that long. He reached his strong callused hands into the top of her dress and with one burst of strength and desire he ripped her dress completely open. Her breasts fell free, her nipples hard. He stared at her for a minute and then took one her breasts in his hand and embraced her hard and kissed her mouth with urgency. By this point her pussy was dripping wet. She was so hot for him that when he reached down and put his hand on her pussy she came instantly. All he had to do was run his finger over her sensitive clit and she melted into his strong arms, her body trembling with pleasure.

He could feel that she was wet and ready to take his huge cock into her pussy. He turned her now naked body around and bent her over at the waist. She spread her legs for him and with one thrust he was completely inside her. His cock was so hard and big that it was almost painful for her to take him all the way inside of her. He moved with long hard thrusts. The pleasure of her tight pussy was so intense that he needed to stop for a second. He leaned over and reached his arm around her grabbing her tits and kissing her neck. Her nipples were so sensitive that when he started to massage them it made her come again almost more intensely than the first time. When she came he felt her pussy grip his cock tightly. He started to pump her again. He ran his fingers up and down her smooth back. She reached back and grabbed her ass- spreading her cheeks apart revealing the prettiest pink asshole that he had ever seen. She was looking back at him with her big eyes inviting him to take her in any way that he wanted. Her body was like putty in his hands. She was ready for anything. He took his cock out of her pussy and roughly grabbed by the hair again and pushed her head onto his cock. She licked and sucked her pussy juices off of his cock while her hand grabbed him tightly.

“I want your ass.” He said. “I want you on your hands and knees on the bed.”

She wanted to take his cock in her ass so bad so she did exactly what he said. She walked into the bedroom and took her place on the bed with her ass in the air and her face pressed into the plush pink silk comforter. He followed her in and instead of getting on the bed with her he stood with his cock right in front of her face.

“Spit on it,” He said.

She spit on his cock.


She spit on his cock again. He stroked himself in front of her getting himself all wet for her. He continued to stroke himself as he took his place behind her on the bed. He spit on her asshole and started to put his finger into her ass. She was ready for him and his finger slipped right in. He could tell that she wanted his cock. It was harder than ever now as he was dying to get it into her ass. He placed the head of his cock onto her cute little asshole. She wanted it so bad that as soon as she felt him against her ass she pushed back on him and took him into her in one smooth action. He nearly collapsed. It was almost too pleasurable. He began to pump his cock into her. Her face was pressing into the bed, her back arched. At one point he took his cock all the way out of her ass and leaned over and licked her open asshole. She was dying. With every touch from the rough, sweaty stable boy’s hands on her smooth skin she was ready to come.

He slipped his cock back into her ass and she came so hard that she screamed with pleasure. Her passionate scream turned him on and he started thrusting wildly into her ass, holding her ass cheeks apart. She could tell he was almost ready to come. He was tugging roughly on her hair as if it were reins on a wild horse. His thrusts got faster and faster until he pulled out and urgently turned her around and shot a huge load onto her perfect porcelain face and into her open mouth. She took his cock into her mouth after he came and sucked it. The thought of her sucking on his cock after it had been in her ass almost made him come again. He reached down and took the jizz off her face with his fingers and fed it to her. She licked his fingers clean, loving the taste of the stable boy’s cum.

They both collapsed onto the bed. When Morgan looked over and saw Alexandra basking in post-orgasmic bliss he was pretty sure that he could keep his new job.


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Stable Boy Scores Some Ass

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