First Sight

The suspense of not seeing each other for so long makes the first encounter intense.

I came to your place, brought you some lillies just to help break the ice so to speak. I feel like a kid in high school instead of a grown adult. What the hell is wrong with me? You open the door and your look says you’re as excited as I am.

The flowers buy me some time. I get in the door and you show me some of your place as we find something to put the flowers in. A tall glass does the trick! Damn I should have brought a vase too. I’m an idiot.

As you fill that up with water I stand right behind you and massage your shoulders a little. My hands go down your arms and to your waist. I pull myself close to you, pressing you against the sink as my hands move from your waist to your breasts. You moan as you feel my chest against your back, my arousal readily apparent. My hands massaging your breasts… I feel you go a little limp and I hold you up.

As you turn the water off, I whisper in your ear…”I want you.” It’s good the glass was plastic or the few inches you dropped it would have broken the vase. Flowers finally on the counter and I turn you around.

I took a small step back to look at you, and see such a look on your face…part lust, part trouble, some smirk and all sexy.

I kiss you.


I pull you close to me and don’t let go.

Our tongues dance and I can’t pull you close enough. My hands are on each side of your face, caressing it, feeling you closer, pulling your face even closer to mine somehow. My hands move to your neck and down your sides.

Your blouse is lifted off and I kiss down your neck along your bra…my finger tips leading in the way. I want to tease you but its not going to happen. I’m so hard right now…the anticipation is insane.


I know I won’t last long.

You take my shirt off and throw it who knows where, and fumble with my belt buckle as I remove your bra….a moment of appreciation before just sucking a nipple right then. Squeeze one hard and suck the other so both are firm as ever… A small nibble is next. The pain excites you even more. You Tell me to stop.

I stop and push you to a nearby wall and remove what little clothing you have left. Now you really feel me. My hardness is right there. You grab me to feel it and I almost lose it right then.


My tip feels your wetness. You’re soaked. You want me as bad as I want you. I push you harder into the wall as I enter you. You’re tighter than I expect but feel so good. I feel you swallow me, your lips surrounding my hardness. I got harder it seems.

I want more.

I really thrust now. I can’t help it. I’ve wanted you so long it’s crazy. I want all of you. Ashley you’re mine. Yes Ashley, YES!

Again and again I thrust – both of us moaning and screaming. I’m sweating this is so intense. I can’t tell you how good you feel around me. I want to stay in you. I want this to last for as long as possible.

But part of me wants to keep fucking you like mad. I want to forget all ration and give you everything I can. That’s the part that wins.

No reasoning, no logic. I’m thrusting into you so hard and so deep I didn’t think it was possible. I’m so hard and you’re so tight just swallowing all of me…

The Enhanced Male

Your body shudders finally as you let out a huge scream. It’s too much. Your tightening around me sends me over the edge and I climax. Thrust and thrust again until I’m empty. Sooooo much from both of us. We’re spent, holding up against the wall but slide down.

I smell it. I smell us. So incredible.

I reach down to feel how soaked you are…then let you taste before I kiss you again.

I’m spent but want more. Every inch of you is mine.

Lead me to bed.

We half walk there as we kiss more. And grab each other, fondle each other. I grab your ass walking from behind. You go too fast though so I can’t do much.

We get to bed and I lay you down on your back. I spread your legs and go straight to eating you. Your lips spread apart I feel our juices. You’re still soaked and I work to clean it all. Every drop is mine. Some lands on my chin. I don’t care.

Your clit is right there and I flick it with my tongue.

Circle it.

Suck it.

I want it nice and firm as I slide a finger into you.

Your hips raise, pushing you harder into my mouth…a second finger goes in causing another moan.

I hum.

The hum to vibrate your clit and between your lips.

You wrap your legs around my head and force me into you more. Fantastic! I keep licking and using my fingers. Pausing for air is brief…because I want more. I want your climax.

Your legs tighten around me again, forcing me into you as you climax again…such force I can’t swallow it all and it drips down my chin. I keep going and so do you. It seems you have multiple orgasms. And I’m drenched. Damn you taste soooooo good. I drink as much as I can. When I stand it drips down my chest.

You slide up the bed and I lay next to you, lightly caressing your body as we fall asleep for a quick rest.


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First Sight

Table of Contents

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