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Football Locker Room Score

Football Locker Room Score

Time to hit the showers with the boys

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I live in a small town of the Mid-west. The local football team is called “The Destroyers.” Rumours had it that after a victorious game three of the players liked to have a good time with some of the fans. But they weren’t fond of cheerleaders or girls in general. They preferred to fuck a tight male ass. I was so intrigued by these rumours that I decided to give it a shot.

I bought a ticket for the upcoming game and when the big day arrived, I went to watch the team. Luckily, they won. This was the perfect opportunity. I couldn’t wait to be fucked by these well-built athletes. I was wearing a long, black coat and nothing but a g-string on the inside.

I waited till the rest of the team left the locker room. They were going to celebrate at a local bar. Without hesitation, I opened the door and went in. I saw three men sitting on a bench and talking. Apparently, they had just come out of the shower; they were half-naked and they had a white towel tied around the waist.

“Hello, guys!” I said. “I would like you to give me your autographs.” They turned around and looked at me. By that time I had recognized the players. They were the ones I was hoping to meet, i.e. “the Three J’s”: Jeff, Jack and Joe. Instantly, I took off my coat, turned my back on them and bent over.

“I want you to sign on my ass!” I said smiling.

Jeff got up and said: “We’ll sign, all right. With our cocks!”

My plan was working perfectly. Soon I would taste their hard tools.

“We’ll do this our way!” Jeff said. “Jack, bring the necessary equipment.”

Jack opened one of the lockers and took out a small pillow, a couple of ropes and a bottle of baby oil. I was a little bit worried.

“What do you need the ropes for?” I asked.

“We’re gonna tie you up on the bench and fuck your brains out!” Jeff answered. “This is what you came for, isn’t it?” Jack asked.

Tied up, I would be at their mercy but I didn’t care. I was willing to take that risk.

After all, I was dying for a good buttfuck.

“Yeah!” I said decisively.

“Take off your g-string!” Jack said. “Now lie on the bench, face down, and spread your hands and legs!”

I obeyed. Jack tied my hands and my feet around the bench. Then, he put the pillow beneath my ass. I couldn’t move and what is more, my legs were spread and my ass jutted out.

“Absolutely perfect!” Jeff said.

The time had come. Jeff and Joe took off their towels. Their dicks were already standing at attention. Jeff approached me and started rubbing his balls on my face. I tried to lick them but he wouldn’t let me. At the same time, Jack started rubbing my ass with baby oil. When he finished, he said:

“All shiny and wet. Just like you want it, Jeff.”

Having said that, he now started rubbing his shaft on my asshole. The waiting was driving me crazy.

“What are you waiting for?” I protested. “Fuck my ass! Fuck my mouth! I like it nice and hard!”

“You asked for it!” Jeff said.

With an abrupt move, he stuffed his cock in my mouth. I sucked it as hard as I could. After a couple of minutes, he pulled out and ordered me to lick his cockhead. I obeyed, licking it with the tip of my tongue. Meanwhile, Jack had penetrated my ass. He took it slow in the beginning but after a little while his thrusts became stronger and stronger. My asshole was driving him nuts.

“He’s tighter than I expected, Jeff!” Jack said loudly.

I was so pleased that I urged him to go faster:

“Faster! Give me all you got! Fuck my asshole real hard!”

During all this time, Joe stood there, naked, watching us and jerking off. He was a voyeur.

“How about a piece of his ass, Jeff?” Jack said.

Jeff couldn’t wait to fuck me. Jack pulled out of my ass and changed positions with Jeff. I wanted to tease him even more, so I said:

“Slide your big, hard cock in my ass!”

Without wasting any time, Jeff buried his rod in my ass. He wasn’t as gentle as Jack. He began fucking me hard. I was having the time of my life.

“Deeper! Deeper! Show no mercy!” I screamed.

Jeff pounded my hole, pushing every last inch of his cock inside me. He had developed a powerful rhythm, fucking my ass and slapping it hard. Meanwhile, Jack was getting the best blowjob I could offer him. He had grabbed my head and he was pulling it over his thick dick. As he fucked my mouth, his balls slapped loudly against my chin.

“Suck that cock, boy! Oh, yeah! I’m gonna cum, Jeff” Jack said.

“So am I!” Jeff screamed.

“Cum on my ass, Jeff! Spread your cream on my face, Jack!” I moaned.

A few moments later, Jack shot his load, covering my face with his cum.

“Touchdown!” he yelled.

Simultaneously, Jeff gave me his final thrusts.

“I’m gonna score, too!” he said.

He took his shaft out of my ass and spread his hot fluid all over my asshole.

Meanwhile, Joe was still jerking off. Precum dripped from his rod. Having taken care of the rest, I decided to pay attention to him.

“Approach the bench, Joe!” I said. “I want to swallow your cum.”

Joe jerked off for a few seconds and then he screamed:

“Open wide!”

Instantly, his cock pumped out thick spurts of cum inside my mouth. I swallowed every last drop. Now, everyone was satisfied. The “Three J’s” had scored in the locker room once again, “destroying” my tight hole.

Table of Contents


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