Mr. Horsecock

Bisexual male takes a big dick.

At age 37, a few years after leaving a heterosexual marriage I got the delightful opportunity to invite a smooth 25-year-old man to my apartment intent on having my first homosexual experience with him. I think it was important that he have little body hair, and look as clean-cut as possible to ease me into this new, heretofore forbidden world. I’d been extremely horny and feeling ready to suck a long, hard cock and have it deep in my ass.

A little background: I watch a lot of heterosexual porn, and I didn’t initially realize that I fantasize being the woman in these scenes — especially when they fully submit to the man. I enjoy seeing stiff veiny penises, and desired to worship one.

The anticipation of being railed was too much, and I had barely closed the door behind him when I began removing his clothing. I eagerly dropped to my knees to tongue his dick, and it being my first time I gagged on it rather easily. I got him nice and ready, and spread out on the bed for him to do to my ass whatever he wished. He rubbed up against me with his erect cock, and teased my opening with the tip before plunging it deep inside me again and again resulting in seemingly endless pleasure.

I excitedly placed myself in various positions I’d seen female pornstars use to entice him to pound me more. When the time came for him to blow his load, in hindsight I wish I could’ve begged to swallow it but that might’ve been too much for me to manage in the heady aftermath of my first ass fucking.

From some of his mannerisms and possibly his initial slight reluctance to really give it to me, I eventually got the feeling he may enjoy receiving more than giving. We didn’t do anything else that day, but we stayed in touch and I sucked his cock and he filled my ass once more a few days later.

Then one fine afternoon a couple weeks later he suggested we invite a couple other guys around for more intense fun. I don’t remember their names, but I remember the extremely long, massively thick cock of one of his friends who, I was delighted to notice, immediately gravitated to me. He lit a joint, and we all took turns with it. This would be my first sexual experience high, and my first foursome.

The marijuana relaxed my ass enough to accept his giant cock. Without the weed, I estimate it would have been too painful to take anything more than the head. Without warning, he pushed me onto the bed so I was on my hands and knees. This kind of dominance turned me on even further: my heart began racing. He then plowed his massive cock balls-deep into me over and over while I moaned like the submissive whore I had so yearned to be. I felt like I couldn’t control my body, which begun squirming in ecstasy. The other new guy then took his turn with me, and the relative lack of pleasure his cock gave made me crave my new well-endowed friend so much more.
I wanted Mr. Horsecock’s cum, and I wanted it in my ass and in my mouth. The way he had fucked the absolute shit out of me, I needed to show him my appreciation by sucking him to orgasm and having him shoot his hot load at the back of my throat. As he did so, I gently ran a couple fingers along the underside of his gorgeous dick to coax the final drops of semen onto my eagerly waiting tongue. I swished it around to collect it at the front of my tongue and opened wide to show him before gulping down his seed, licking my lips, and saying: “I needed your cum so bad, Daddy, thank you.”


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Mr. Horsecock

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